The Channel Island National Park, a National Park located in the United States. The Park consists of 5-of the eight Channel Islands which is off the coast of California. The islands are close to shore, which are undeveloped and densely populated. The park is spread over 249,561 acres of which around 79,019 acres is maintained by the United States Government. Also, around 76% of Santa Cruz Island is owned and managed by the Nature Conservancy. It is the largest Island of all.

Channel Islands National Park California

Channel Islands National Park California A Delightful Break

About the Channel Island National Park

The Channel Island National Park is home to several plants, rare, exotic species, birds and natural resources. The goodness of Channel Island doesn’t end here, it comes with significant cultural resources too. It was also declared as National Monument in the year 1938, on April 26th. The island consists of six nautical miles of water around the national park.

Anacapa and Santa Barbara are two islands which are designated as a national monument. Earlier the place was used by refuge for nesting seals, sea lions, seabirds and other rare endangered species. When three more islands was joined to this national park, the mission of refuge continued.

Channel Islands National Park California

Channel Islands National Park California A Delightful Break

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The park holds long-term ecological plans, these plans were also rated as best research of park system. The marine sanctuary was established in the year 1980, which was extended covering 6-miles around the island. The Giant Kelp forest is famous for its unique thousand fishes and marine life, the land is protected and guarded against encroachments.

Flora & Fauna

The Channel Island is home to several animals and birds. Around 70-different species of plants grow on the island. The island is more popular as breeding land for northern fur seals. The park authority keeps working on several tactics to protect the rare plant, animal & birds species. The park authorities have eliminated the chance of non-native species lie ferel cat, burros, rabbit and black rats which cause damage to the park.

A permanent guard or ranger is placed on each island to look after it. If you are planning to visit this place, then better one need to check with reservation procedure. As park takes reservation for camping, fishing, diving and so. Rules & regulations are strictly checked. The zone is also declared as a no flying zone, airplanes are asked to keep distance.

Channel Islands National Park California

Channel Islands National Park California A Delightful Break

More Depth Info

According to the locals, Chumash Indians lived in early 19th century. The people travelled from one island to another island in plank canoes.

One of the oldest human remain was discovered in this area, which dated to 13,000BC. The remains were discovered in the year 1959 on Santa Rosa Island. The Channel Island are formed by tectonic forces which caused a rise of water level of the ocean.

The Islands which extends the park are:

  • San Miguel
  • Santa Cruz
  • Santa Rose
  • Santa Barabara
  • Anacapa