In central Scotland, in the Callendar Park in Falkirk there is a mansion popularly known as Callendar House. The Mansion has a glorious history of 600 years during which the Mansion has distinguished guests staying in. The list of the guests includes Queen of Scots, Mary, Queen Victoria, Oliver Cromwell and Prince Charlie.

Callendar House- Scotland

Callendar House was A-Listed as a building of historical significance, and over the years there were many plans to use the building or demolish it. Finally, in 1980 it was agreed to become the HQ of museum service of the local authorities. This museum made open to the public has become a main attraction for the visitors.

Callendar-House Scotland

Callendar House A Glorious Mansion From Ages

The Building has around 300 ft. area open in the front and these gardens are included in the inventory of Gardens and Designed landscapes in Scotland. Now the Callendar house is the main part of the massive Callendar Park, which once was the landscaped garden of the house.

The Museum

The Callendar House is now being developed and the interior of the house has been restored to the former Georgian style so that it can be restored as a major heritage center. It is the main Museum in the entire district of Falkirk and is known as the historic house museum. There are two stunning reception rooms, the erstwhile Drawing room known as Pink Room, and the erstwhile Morning room known as Green Room. These give the visitors opportunity to relive the past glorious period. The kitchen is fully functional with the decor of the previous Georgian era, with huge open fire also is a great experience for the modern day visitors, so that have the glimpse of the bygone days.

callendar house

Callendar House A Glorious Mansion From Ages

The Park

The Callendar Estate is spread over a huge chunk of land amounting to almost 500 acres. The visitors can walk through the woodland and the Park. In this vast stretch of land around the house, there is a playground for the children. The largest slide in entire Scotland is in this playground. There is a lake where the visitors can enjoy boat ride. There is also a Golf course a crazy golf course with pitch and putt course and the visitors can spend time for enjoying the game.  The Park gallery is now located in the Callendar House itself.

The estate also has the Forbes family mausoleum a large domed structure that contains the remains of many ancestor members from Forbes family. The interested visitors can walk through the woodland and go to visit the place.

There are a wide range of countryside activities that can be undertaken, miles of path and cycle routes are located here , The Falkirk Council, Central Scotland forest Trust in conjunction with the Callendar Estate have opened up a network of paths and tracks for walking, cycling and horse riding. The visitors can enjoy these as per their choice.


Callendar House A Glorious Mansion From Ages

 Research Center

In this Callendar Estate there is also a history research center. The center has all the archives of Falkirk’s history. The Library, which is built with Victorian Panels, holds all this record. Callendar House Falkirk now serves as the headquarters of Falkirk Council Cultural Services.