Budapest, a serene city and capital of Hungary. Budapest is often called as ‘Little Paris’. The city is not only famous for its great monuments reflecting its 1000- year culture. A slight Roman and Turk culture too can be see here, in this city. The Ottoman Empire, gave a different influence on city after union with Austria. Buda and Pest are two sides of capital which gets stretched from Banks of Danube, which represent cities character.

Several streets, district and houses reflect medieval style of Roman. While the Pest side has many bookstores, parliament buildings, markets and so which give a city a different look. Budapest has lot of tourist attraction like galleries, Museum, churches, historic building to visit. Budapest land is definitely a great place to explore, human aesthetic creation too have given a different touch with their architectural art. The city too is Architecture treasure, with quite great neoclassical structure, Art Nouveau buildings ad so. Today, Budapest is known for its classical structure which was built in 19th century.

Budapest: Serene City To Visit

Budapest: Serene City To Visit

Past of City:

Past say’s a lot! Yes, Budapest has experienced shrapnel-pockmarks, bullet holes on buildings during 1956 rebellion and World War II. The touching Shoe on Danube memorial, Building on Andrassy’ut tells us lot about the history of city. The city is very much developed with renovated metro lines, halls, theatres and may more.

Explore Day To Discover Night in Buda

  • Castle Hill:

This is Buda’s old town. The Castle Hill is the central point of the city, the main area of cultural and strategic points of the city. The Hill had served as focal point of the sieges. There is a spectacular Church and the Palace which is the main tourist attraction. The Buda Royal palace is an ancient construction built 400 years ago. The enormous building at the southern end of the castle Hill was made in 14th century, the site is now holding history museum, the Hungarian National Gallery and National Library.

Budapest: Serene City To Visit

Budapest: Serene City To Visit

  • Buda Royal Palace:

The Royal Palace situated at end of the Castle Hill reflect different style, which was built in 14th century. The Royal Palace was then again rebuilt after 400-years during World War II. The Royal Palace stands today as Museum and National Gallery.

  • The Chain Bridge:

The Chain bridge is oldest bridge which connects Buda and Pest a fitting testament also known as ‘Greatest Hungarian’. The bridge was designed by British architect William Tierney and built by ‘Adam Clerk’.

Quest for Pest      

  • Parliament:

The Pest has 2nd largest Parliament building in world. The Post-card of Pest Parliament is favorite with Danube River flanking it. The spot is great tourist destination with lavish interior that will feel delighted.

Budapest: Serene City To Visit

Budapest: Serene City To Visit

  • The Great Synagogue:

Pest has the second largest ‘Great Synagogue’, this place is ranked next largest to the synagogue located at New-York. The place can accommodate around 3,000 worshiper. There are separate galleries for women. It is one of the prime and focal point for Jew’s community. The documentation of Holocaust Museum can be found here.

Other Sights to explore at Budapest are:

  • Memento Park
  • Hercules Villa
  • Hungarian Museum of tourism and trade
  • Thermae Maiores Bath Museum
  • Buda Hill
  • Szabadsag ter

Budapest is a tranquil city, tourist only has to be alert from pick-picketers, thieves and taxi louts.

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