Blood Fall, this sound something dangerous. Hold, there is no real blood fall. The place is so called as Blood fall due to its Iron-oxide saltwater. Due to Iron presence of Iron in the water, the colour of water makes it red. Hence it is called as ‘Blood Fall’.

This very place is located at East Antarctica, this might be only place, where visitor will have dangerous site. The Iron rich water pours out in Lake Bonney from Taylor Glacier.  This might look like a deadly flowing blood water, but there is no real blood involved. Many million years ago, East Antarctica got flooded. Then after several years on this glacier formed on this lake, separating this this from continent.

The water of this fall is more salty. It is preserved around 400m underground, and on top of it has a glacier that has frozen the lake.  The Blood Fall contains three times more salt than sea water. Then the main subglacial lake which feeds the Red Blood Fall is deep inside quarter mile of ice.

Since the red water is cut way from continent, hence the water does not get sunlight, and so is the reason that water is devoid of oxygen. The red water is very much rich in iron. When the water falls down Taylor Glacier from the white ice bed into Lake Bonney, it more looks like red blood stains. Seriously, nature has wonderful things hidden in it.

blood falls

Aquatic life:

I wonder what Aquatic life the water will have. The water has got microbes in extremely salty water, these microbes feed themselves from the deep sea vents, these vents contain minute amount of oxygen.

Scientist’s Favorite place:

This place offers many opportunity for Scientist to conduct number of experiments. This is the reason why it is liked by many scientist. The experiments can be conducted deep inside the subsurface.

Number of experiments are conducted to understand the range of form human life can adapt themselves to the iron amount. NASA too are making research not only on the term of subglacial, but also on its component associated with the blood fall. Since this subglacial is protected deep inside, the water does not get exposed to any cosmic radiation nor UV rays.

According to the study conducted, a weird sort of Microbial ecosystem do exist below the sub-glacial layer. According to Geo-microbiologist around 17-different types of microbes do exist under that subglacial red water. These are the microbes which are never observed in open environment but do exist in this iron rich devoid of oxygen water.

Blood Fall Miraculous Side Of Nature

Blood Fall Miraculous Side Of Nature

Geography + Chemistry! Interesting

The Cryo-concentration of salt do occur deep in that red water, the pure water ice gets dissolved in the water to cool down , an amount of heat is exchanged, with huge amount of ice. Amount of Sulfate and ferrous iron is remnant in this marine condition.

This very place was discovered by Griffith Taylor, an Australian geologist in year 1911. After this year this place gained good amount of light by audience.