The Big Bend National Park is located in south tip of Texas, the National park lies along the border of Texas- Mexico. The National Park was established in June 1935, today, the Big Bend National Park is also largest territories of Chihuahuan Desert. The park occupies 1,252-square miles of area, which makes it bigger than Rhode Island. The Big Bend National Park include sparseness of Chihuahuan desert, vegetation belt along Rio Grande, limestone outcrops of Persimmon Gap.

About Big Bend National Park:

The Big Bend National Park holds more than 450-species of birds, 56-species of reptiles, 1,200-species of plants and more than 75-species of mammals.  The park is predicted to be 9,000-years old with a variety of Cenozoic fossils and Cretaceous. The park offers a large variety of activities, naturally the park attracts large number of visitors from all age groups.

National Park

Big Bend National Park Enthralling National Park

The climate in Big Bend National Park vary widely, in winter the climate mild in most of the area however the mercury drops at higher altitudes in the park like the Emory Peak which is 7832 feet above, here it is cold and one can expect snowfall and sub-zero temperature. The summer is expected to feature hot and dry weather. Occasional thunderstorms are also experienced. The best period to visit the Park is spring and fall when the climate is comfortable.

The visitors who are interested, can get the information about the Big Bend National Park from the Chisos Basin Visitor center or the map of the Park. There are also good options for the visitors interested in overnight visits. While the authorities have Annual passes for the frequent visitors, there is also seven day entry ticket for those who visit the park on bike or motorcycle. The Park is open throughout the day and for year around.

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park Enthralling National Park

For those visitors who are interested in camping or overnight stay, the Park has ample place well developed for camping sites, the enthusiastic visitors need to book them in advance on per night basis. In addition to these open camping sites there is also Lodge with rooms available. The Chisos Mountain Lodge has good capacity and facilities for the visitors. The Lodge is situated at elevated spot about 5400 feet above the Chisos Basin level, the Lodge has rooms, cottages and dining facility.

Big Bend National Park has been recently awarded much coveted Impact Grant. This will enable the Park authorities to buy and install the roadside signage for two prime areas of the park, the two areas to have won this facility are Fossil Bone Picnic Area and the Lost Mine Trail.

Big Bend National Park Enthralling National Park

Big Bend National Park Enthralling National Park

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The Big Bend National Park has plenty of geographical terrains, Chihuahuan Desert, Chisos Mountains and Peaks therein, Canyon and the Limestone outcrops. Visitors are attracted towards the geological structures that date back millions of years apart from the plants and birds in the park the scenic beauty.  There are also additional activities arranged by the Big Bend park ranges like the scenic drive, stargazing and other programs in which the visitors can participate and enjoy.