Travelling might sound a bit scary at initial stage. As the discussion stage starts many of us feel bit excited and nervous at the same time. Travelling alone might not excite all of us, but definitely for Solo Travelers of for them who want to explore the place all of alone, to grab some unique experience. With solo travelling, one learns to know more about different culture, tradition of the place, cuisines and what not. Here is a list of ‘Best Places To Travel Alone’.

  • New Zealand

New Zealand reminds you the location of ‘Lord of the Rings’ film. Traveler look forward to more adventures through glaciers, Southern Alps, Rain-forest and many more. How can one forget to mention other sports like jet-boating, hiking, Bungee Jumping? The Country is known for open-minded and friendliest people around the world.

Safety Ranking: No. 4

Best Places To Travel Alone

Best Places To Travel Alone

  • Norway

The best experience once can get is in Norway for a solo traveller. Travelling across countries to visit beautiful fjords, dozens of ports and many exotic spots. Not to forget to mention Northern lights, which gives memorable experience.

Safety Ranking: No. 10

  • Switzerland

A place known for beautiful landscape and Swiss Rail Pass. Get ready with good hiking boots, and warm clothes if you are visiting during winter days. Visiting beautiful Zurich and head to Lake Geneva. Switzerland is definitely a beautiful place to visit once in a lifetime.

Safety Ranking: No. 5

  • Austria

Vienna is one of the easiest and popular European cities to travel as a solo traveller. Visiting museums, concert hall, café and other popular sightseeing must be added to your list. Salzburg is another smaller city which equally welcome singles. The rail-network too are greatly developed around the country.

Safety Ranking: No 3

  • Vietnam

Vietnam is a popular destination, its colourful street, market are very much safe for solo travellers. Exploring Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City is must, with great view lakes. Phu Quoc Island gives a touch of Southeast Asian Beach lifestyle.

Safety Ranking: No 45

Best Places To Travel Alone

Best Places To Travel Alone

  • Chile

Chile is very much friendly and welcoming country for several travellers. Several Solo traveller come to explore the place. If you are heading for Atacama Desert, Chiloe Island then you must also visit Santiago. Santiago is an easy and safe place to navigate around.

Safety Ranking: 30

  • Japan

Japan is known for its beautiful street, monuments, shrines and many more. Visiting Megalopolis Tokyo, and taking a ride from the bullet train to experience enthralling fun with a ride to Mount Fuji and old Kyoto. Several solo travellers visit this place and feel safe and secure.

Safety Ranking: No. 8