Collection of Postcards is hobby of several people. Picturesque Landscape, Friendly Street, exotic corners makes the Postcard look more beautiful. Exploring charming corners, cultural attractions and architectural charms makes one place tourist attraction. Amsterdam too is a brilliant place with all wonderful and charming places to visit. On visiting such places with list of sightseeing to visit, the main question arises is of stay, unless and until you have not opted for tour package. Here is a list of ‘Best Places To Stay In Amsterdam’!

  • InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam
Inter Continental Amstel Amsterdam - Best Places To Stay In Amsterdam

Best Places To Stay In Amsterdam

Glittering Chandeliers, Soaring ceilings, grand staircase makes the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam one of the most elegant and best boutique hotels. The hotels stand proudly from the year 1867, it features 55-spacious rooms, antique furniture’s, 24-luxiourios suites, marble bathroom and so. It’s Restaurant and bar adds more charm to the hotel, the La Rive over Amstel River is cherry on the cake. It’s Fitness Club, Turkish bath and sauna and swimming pool add more charm and will surely make your stay more delightful.

  • Single 96 Bed & Apartment

The Single 96 Bed& Apartment a few steps away from Jordaan District. Enjoying local life with pleasant attractions is the best thing you can get on your stay. The studio apartment will make you feel like a home, well equipped Kitchen, Bathroom and a cosy living room with canal view.

  • Hotel Sebastians
Hotel Sebastians - Best Places To Stay In Amsterdam

Best Places To Stay In Amsterdam

If you are on your romantic trip, then staying at Hotel Sebastians will make your trip more memorable. Its jazzy design, sultry surrounding, boutique hotels large room will make you delight. Luxurious Double room over Keizersgracht Canal with Suite bathrooms with bath. The hotel is more famous as a meeting spot, but just prefer to stay a day or night to get the goodness.

  • Ambaassade Hotel

The Ambassade Hotel is located in front of the Canal Ring. It is the perfect stay for families or so. Several historical attractions are located nearby. The hotel is made from 10-townhouses which are lined together, it has 58-spacious colourful rooms, apartments, and suite. The rooms are equipped with all modern amenities like Wi-Fi, modern bathrooms, television and so. Renting a bike for sightseeing can be opted.

  • Clemens Hotel

The Clemens Hotel is situated at prime spot. A great choice for tourist as several sightseeing’s can be easily visited from this hotel. The hotel is not equipped with luxurious amenities, but definitely is a great budget hotel of town. It features 14-clean & spacious rooms with few modern amenities like telephone, television, mini bar and so. Royal Palace, Westertoren, Anne Frank House is nearby!

  • Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam
Sofitel The Grand Amsterdam - Best Places To Stay In Amsterdam

Best Places To Stay In Amsterdam

If you are on hunt of luxurious stay, then booking your room in Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam will add charm to your trip. The hotel was built in 1578 as a convent, it was considered as royal lodging for the crowned head of Europe. The architecture of hotel is a blend of modern and old world. It features 125-rooms, stylish restaurants & bars, award winning spa, 52-suites, and attentive staffs. The picturesque Garden Terrace and other services will surely tempt to spend more days!