The World is a Pandora Box! Going for a world tour might be everyone’s dream. But visiting each nook-and-corners of the earth is quite a Herculean task and seems to be a bit impossible endeavour. The World is filled with amazing unexplored places. To visit such places which makes you feel lost from your hectic scheduled life, is a dream come true. Here is a list of ‘Best Islands to Visit’!

  • Spain – Canary Islands
Canary Islands - Best Islands to Visit

Best Islands to Visit

Canary Islands are popular for a bit of sunshine during winters, and most of the European tourists rush to this place to catch up a little sunlight. In January and February the mercury attains a temperature of 70 to 75 degree Fahrenheit. The highest peak Mount Teide in Europe stand on Tenerife, this snow covered peak against the deep blue sky in the backdrop is spectacular sight, one can watch whales from here.

This was the last halt Columbus had taken before he sailed to discover America.

  • Scotland- Fair Isle
Fair Isle - Best Islands to Visit

Best Islands to Visit

This island is an isolated island in Britain. This island is most scantly inhabited by humans, but the place is full of a wide spectrum of various birds. The place is indeed a wonderful treat for the enthusiastic bird watchers. Thousands of bird varieties can be watched, bird-watchers will love to visit this place.

  • Massachusetts – Nantucket
Nantucket - Best Islands to Visit

Best Islands to Visit

The Nantucket is one of the richest place in America. The Island is built on the profits of whale oil industry. Even today, the Island has vintage delectable old towns with fine brick houses and silver mailboxes. Isn’t this amazing?

In olden days, sailor used to call Nantucket ‘The Little Grey Lady of the Sea’. The place is known for its unique beauty, and hence is rated as one of the most popular Island around the world.

  • Australia – Lord Howe Island
Lord Howe Island - Best Islands to Visit

Best Islands to Visit

The Lord Howe Island is located in middle of the Tasman Sea, it takes around two-and-half hour of plane ride to reach Sydney, the capital of Australia. A Journey to Lord Howe is total worth. The place is named after a British Admiral, Lord Howe. It is also known as world’s most southerly coral Island. The island is inhabited by around 350 people.

  • Thailand – Island of the Andaman Sea
Island Of The Andaman - Best Islands to Visit

Best Islands to Visit

This Island makes a comeback after getting devastated due to the Tsunami in the year 2004. A Visit to this island is totally worth, it’s a joy to watch the transformation of the island by clouds and sunlight due to its pleasant climate. The silver beach, villages on edge, house tied together are the charm of the island. Koh Phi Phi, Koh Surin, Koh Dok Mai and Koh Racha are few known paradise and favourite spots of tourist.