If you are feeling a bit spiritual and want to ditch shopping malls, skyscrapers and dwell into temples in Hong Kong ? Then here’s a list of temples you must visit on your Hong Kong Trip! Visiting a peaceful and tranquil place with peace in mind, is a better place to learn about hopes, fears, dreams and so. On the occasion of Chinese New year and important dates as per the lunar calendar many temples in Hong Kong are given a makeover and adorned for the special dates.

Here are few ‘Best Hong Kong Temples To Visit’!

  • Lan Tsuen Tin Hau Temple & Wishing Tree
Tsuen Tin Hau Temple & Wishing Tree - Hong Kong Temple

Best Hong Kong Temples To Visit

The Old-fashioned villages and two wishing trees have been drawing visitors for hundred years to this Tin Hau Temple. Visitors write their wishes on joss paper and tie to the orange and hang on tree. The higher the branch better the odds of your wish coming true. As the practice became more and more popular, authorities stepped to preserve the trees. Few steps away from wishing trees, you will find small Tin Hau Temple, which is dedicated to Goddess of Sea.

  • Man Mo Temple
Man Mo Temple - Hong Kong Temple

Best Hong Kong Temples To Visit

Stepping in Man Mo Temple will make you feel like stepping into another world. The temple is known as a realm of vulnerable deities of Man and Mo, where Mo – means God of War. One must observe temple in detail, as the lines descending Shekwan green roof tiles depicts longevity, while the antiquity chair were used to carry statues of gods while processions. While the sun-rays entering through huge incense coils hanging from the ceiling down to the altars of 10-Judges of the Underworld.

  • Wong Tai Sin Temple
WongTai Sin Temple - Hong Kong Temple

Best Hong Kong Temples To Visit

The Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the popular Shrine and also a major tourist spot. The temple is dedicated to Great Immortal Wong or Wong Tai Sin. The Taoist Temple is famed after ‘What you request is what you get’. The shrine is located in north of Kowloon and the southern side of Lion.

The temple has the Nine-dragon Wall modelled and Three-saint hall which is dedicated to Lord Guan, Guan Yin and Lu Dongbin. The temple is constructed as per Chinese style with a golden roof, red pillars, multicolour carving and yellow latticework. The temple receives a huge number of visitors from 1st January to 15th January and 23rd day of eighth lunar month. Most people visit this temple to get spiritual answers through the practice of Kau Cim. Hence, they believe in lighting incense sticks and kneel before the altar and make a wish.

  • Chi Lin Nunnery and Nau Lian Garden
Chi Lin Nunnery and Nau Lian Garden - Hong Kong Temple

Best Hong Kong Temples To Visit

The Nau Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery both are located in the heart of Kowloon. Both represent Tang dynasty where each rock, stone, tree or water bodies are placed as per specific rules & regulations.

The Chi Lin Nunnery is spread on 33000-sq meter. It consist of different halls, lotus pound, and thousands of Buddha Pagoda covering five floors. The Chi Lin Nunnery was built in the year 1934, today it is known as one of the popular Buddhist Temple. The main entrance gate is known as Mountain Gate which opens toward Hall of Heavenly Kings.

While, the Nau Lian Garden reflects the Tang landscape style covering 3.5-hecters of area. It is built in one-way circular route.

  • Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery
Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery - Hong Kong Temple

Best Hong Kong Temples To Visit

It is located in Sha Tin New Territories which is a bit of tourist path. The shrine was founded in the year 1950. The Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery is not one temple, but consist of 5-temples, 1-Pagoda and 4-pavillions. The shrine has more than 430 steps on the steep concrete path. As you climb up toward the mountain, you can take a look at statues lined in the series. Each statue is different!