Cayman Islands are nestled in the Caribbean Sea, which is renowned for its crystal clear water & amazing sea life. The azure water present around the Cayman Islands offers the best opportunity to discover the treasure of spectacular underwater life by the means of scuba diving. The diving opportunities presented by the soothing sea around the Cayman Island are unique from every aspect & hence are loved by many enthusiast divers around the globe.  There are few Best Cayman Islands Diving Sites!

The territory which was infamous once upon a time for its notorious pirates is now becoming the divers paradise, thanks to the mesmerizing corals that are thriving in this part of the world. Here we present 7 unique diving spots in the Cayman coastal vicinity which will give you a thrilling experience of making an eye contact with some of the most amazing creatures living under water & exploring the vibrant coral reefs from every angle possible! So, fill up our oxygen cylinders, get strapped & let’s dive!

USS Kittiwake, Grand Cayman:

USS Kittiwake Grand Cayman - Best Cayman Islands Diving Sites

Best Cayman Islands Diving Sites

Diving in the Cayman waters to explore the sunken navy vessel illustrates why diving in Cayman is called as a unique experience! US naval ship ‘USS Kittiwake’ was submerged in the waters near the northern end of Seven Mile Beach in 2011. The vessel was made unarmed before sinking it down & it is now resting peacefully after serving for 50 years!

While diving, you can enjoy exploring the 76.5 meter long submerged vessel- her mess hall, engine room, decks, ammunition chamber, everything! Lack of significant marine growth around the body of the ‘Kittiwake’ has kept her still in good shape. Even snorkelers can have an impressive overlook of this ship as the maximum depth is only 20 meters!

MV Captain Keith Tibbetts, Cayman Brac:

MV Captain Keith Tibbetts Cayman Brac - Cayman Islands Diving

Best Cayman Islands Diving Sites

MV Captain Keith Tibbett is another warship resting on the seabed of the Cayman waters. This Soviet-built vessel was brought from Cuba & submerged near the northern coast of Cayman Brac. The boat is still accessible although 2004 hurricane ‘Ivan’ had ripped her off into two parts. The 100 meters long vessel is now occupied by creatures like fearsome barracudas, vibrant tubular sponges, moray eels & giant groupers. The turret gun installed on the ship is a major highlight to watch out for!

Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman: 

Bloody Bay Wall Little Cayman - Cayman Islands Diving

Best Cayman Islands Diving Sites

The ‘Bloody Bay Marine Park’ offers one of the most amazing diving opportunities which can be reckoned as the best diving experience around the Cayman Islands. Crystal clear water & abundant sea life gives the heavenly experience every time you dive under this water. However, the spectacular vertical forest of corals that drops down to whopping 2000m deep into the sea is the real attraction of this place that draws myriad divers & marine life enthusiasts across the world.

The vertical forest of corals houses exceptionally beautiful & colorful tubular sponges, illuminating corals, giant fans & other marine plants. This thriving vegetation provides shelter to numerous marine creatures. Eagle rays, turtles, Mixing Bowl, Randy’s Gazebo, groupers & lobsters are among the famous residents dwelling in this unique forest!

Jackson’s Bright, Little Cayman: 

Jackson’s Bright Little Cayman - Cayman Islands Diving

Best Cayman Islands Diving Sites

Bloody Bay Wall gives a lifetime experience without any doubt. However, Jackson’s Bright present in the ‘Blood bay Marine Park’ also offers as grand experience as that of the vertical forest wall of Bloody Bay! The tunnels, reefs, crannies & abysses present in Jackson’s bright flaunt its richness in staggering marine life. Yellow-headed Jawfish, flounders, tilefish, agile Caribbean reef Sharks, elegant eagle rays & so on, Jackson’s Bright has many more creatures to show off than we can list down!

Stingray City, Grand Cayman:     

Stingray City - Cayman Islands Diving

Best Cayman Islands Diving Sites

Ever dreamt of feeding hostile stingrays by hand while standing right next to them? If so, then you can see your dream coming true in the spectacular waters of Grand Cayman Island. Specifically identified as the Stingray City, the giant sea dwellers in this part are so civilized that they eat from the man’s hand & also let them get cozy!

Only 4 meters deep waters in this region gives you a fairytale world experience as you see the giant Stingrays politely approaching you in the search of food. No doubt why ‘Stingray Park’ is renowned as the world’s best shallow water dive!

Ghost Mountain, Grand Cayman:

Ghost Mountain Grand Cayman - Cayman Islands Diving

Best Cayman Islands Diving Sites

Ghost Mountain, located near the northern part of Grand Cayman offers a lucrative place for diving for experienced divers. The mushroom shaped pinnacle, itching to immerse out of the water is the place to look for! As you get closer to the pinnacle, you will notice that the pinnacle is drape nicely by the marine creatures like blood red finger sponges, banded coral shrimps & spires of starlet corals.

The densely populated marine vegetation & bizarre looking sea creatures create slight mystical atmosphere & its notable depth of 30 meters adds up to the haunting appearance of this place.

Babylon, Grand Cayman:

Babylon Grand Cayman - Cayman Islands Diving

Best Cayman Islands Diving Sites

Babylon is probably the best diving site in the Grand Cayman vicinity. Located in the northern part of the Grand Cayman wall that runs around the entire island, Babylon site offers good opportunities for both novice as well as experienced divers.

Babylon has an extensive range of marine life- from vibrant & picturesque corals, fans & sponges to enormous creatures like hawksbill turtles, swift barracudas, elegant eagle rays & parrot fish. Sometimes, hammerhead also shows up if you dare to dive deeper. Babylon is truly the most amazing diving site that overwhelms you with its bountiful of marine glory. Many divers prefer for a full day diving safari as there is so much to see under water!

A few years back, the Caribbean coast line was on the verge of losing this glory due to the alarming rise in the global warming. However, a 2013 survey has revealed that the marine life in this region has started to flourish once again & it has reached to the level seldom seen since 1999, which is great news for all the die-hard divers & nature lovers!