Hot Air balloon ride a mode of transport used from ancient years. Today, the Hot Air balloon ride is used as an adventure. To view the world from top level boost your excitement to unique level. The safe and comfortable ride of hot air balloon gives you a complete pleasure, with spectacular view of landscapes and beauty of nature. If you are planning to get Best Ballon Rides Around The Sphere, then here are few places you must note.

  • Cappadocia
Cappadocia - Balloon Rides

Best Balloon Rides Around The Sphere – Cappadocia

This place tops the chart of ‘Best Balloon Rides Around The Sphere’, it is located in Turkey. This spot is known to grab Tourist attraction more in Turkey, as compared to rest of other spots. The Cappadocia is high plateau with dotted types of formation of rocks. This rocks are formed due to volcanic eruptions, which took place thousands of years back. Today, the land is inhabited by underground cities and decorative temples. The Hot air-balloon ride is very much popular, and undertaken by well-experienced people. The whole view of flying from balloon basket is gives you an extra dose of adventure pleasure.

  • Napa Valley
Balloon Rides

Best Balloon Rides Around The Sphere – Napa Valley

If listing a picturesque landscape, how we can fail to name, ‘Napa Valley’ of California. The Napa Valley, is known to be a serene beauty of vineyard to get a perfect click. The vineyard is preserved to keep the beauty and keep the rest uninterrupted bad effects damaging the natural beauty. A mild weather in Napa Valley is cherry on cake, when you are on Hot air balloon ride. The Local guide will also help you with detail information about the place.

  • Luxor
Balloon Rides

Best Balloon Rides Around The Sphere – Luxor

Luxor is known as World’s open air Museum. This is located opposite to the ancient city ‘Thebes’, on bank of Nile river. The Hot Balloon ride is must, if you are visiting this area. The floating balloonallows you to have top serene view of archaeological site. A top view of Luxor temple is surely mind-blowing view to capture, carved columns, massive stone statue of The Amenhotep II, Colossi of Memnon and many more. The Hot air balloon re operated by experienced people giving you a safe and comfortable ride.

  • Albuquerque
Balloon Rides

Best Balloon Rides Around The Sphere – Albuquerque

This place is known to have largest gathering of Balloon rides. A surely ideal location to witness. Every year, in October this Mexican city organises ‘Albuquerque International Fiesta – Hot Balloon’. The whole fiesta is organised on grand scale, with lot of fireworks, concerts and many more. People visit this festival to grab the fun of long rides and enjoy to fullest limit.

  • Dubai Desert
Dubai Desert - Balloon Rides

Best Balloon Rides Around The Sphere – Dubai Desert

Surprise, to find Dubai’s Desert name under this! It’s no surprise, Dubai tourism offers a Hot air balloon ride. The passengers are picked from nearest hotel and transported to this particular site. The Hot air balloon operator are experienced to give a safe and comfortable ride. The balloon is lifted to 4000-feet high, to get a classic glimpse of sand dunes, camels and desert view. The Balloon can accommodate around 20-25-people, exclusive booking to are done for couples balloons.