Belgrade is a capital and also the largest city in Serbia. Belgrade it is located on the meeting point of the Danube River and Sava River, it confluence Balkans and Pannonian Plain. Hence its name translates to White City. The city is also known as one of the oldest city of Serbia with a population of 1.23-million.

About the City


Belgrade City A Capital Of Serbia

The Belgrade is evolved from the prehistoric cultures of Europe with Vinca culture. To get on the history of the city, Thraco-Dacians inhabited the region 279BC and named the city as Singidun. Then, the city was conquered by Roman under the power of Augustus. The city was popular and was awarded as city rights in 2nd-century. The city went through several power ruling at times like Byzantine Empire, the Frankish Empire, Kingdom of Hungary and Bulgarian Empire. Belgrade was also conquered by the Ottoman Empire and was ruled by Sanjak of Smederevo.


Kalemegdan fortress Belgrade Serbia

Belgrade City A Capital Of Serbia

Belgrade is a city with a blend of different architectural styles. The centre of the city depicts typical style of Central European town touch, while the New Belgrade is quite spacious and with a new layout. The oldest architecture styled in the city is found in Kalemegdan Park. The Building outside Kalemegdan dates back from the 18th century.


Belgrade City A Capital Of Serbia

The Turkish Trube is the oldest public structure in Belgrade, while Dorcol is the oldest house made of modest clay. The Western Influence began in the 19th century, which transformed the city to contemporary architecture from oriental style.


The historic structures are popular and top tourist attraction. The top tourist attractions are the National Theatre, Nikola Pasic Square, Terazije, Zemun, Skadarlijia, Church of Saint, Knez Mihailova Street. One can find several options of hotels, restaurant, cafes, museum and so to spend quality of time or just hangout.


Belgrade City A Capital Of Serbia

How can one forget to Beli dvor, which is also known as White Palace – a house from Karadordevic royal family is open for visitors. The palace has several artworks on display.

If you are an extreme sport lover, then sports like Bungee Jumping, paintballing, water skiing which are held on numerous tracks can be tried for fun. Ada Ciganlija is one of the popular islands located on Sava River where these extreme adventurous, fun-filled sports are held. Apart from Ads Ciganlija, there are 16-island on rivers, but not used as frequently. All island areas are protected by the government of the Belgrade as a nature preserve. Tourist attraction is developing gradually. After 2013 the number of tourists were registered.