Entering in the premises of The Summer Palace, will make you feel like stepping into a different world. Yes! The Beijing Summer Palace is said to be best imperial garden around the world. It is largest of its kind, and is one of the best existence Palace in China. The Palace can be reached on 15Km of drive from central Beijing.

About the Palace

The Beijing Summer Palace was built in the year 1750 by Emperor Qianglong. The Palace is built in a different architectural style, which is believed to be inartificial. The Palace is spread over area of 70,000 square meters and holds around 3000 houses. It was destroyed by invaders in the year 1860-1900, by invaders, which was rebuilt in the year 1912 by the Qing Dynasty. Then in 1924, the palace was made open for public.

Beijing Summer Palace

Beijing Summer Palace A Best Preserved Imperial Structure

It is considered as one of the mesmerizing and amazing spots in Beijing. The palace holds many houses and building in its complex. But only a few building were permitted for tourist visits. There are several structures which continue to decorate corridors, promenades, arched bridges and so.

Design and Struture

Yihe Yuan, also known as ‘Garden of Restful Peace’, the Chinese wall consists of beautiful landscape, temples, pavilions which are designed to gain harmony to soothe the eye. During the summer time, the Beijing Summer Palace which is known as Imperial Family with airy pavilions and exotic gardens. The Palace is walled in the Forbidden City. The infamous Dowager Empress Cixi resided here as a permanent residence, which gave rise to beautiful tale of excess and extravagance.

Several buildings in the complex are restored meticulously and maintained as a restoration activity.

Beijing Summer Palace

Beijing Summer Palace A Best Preserved Imperial Structure

Other Sections

The complex is divided into several sections like few for administration, some for living and other for relaxation. The Court area, which is on the East side of Palace, it is the palace building where Emperor Guangxu and Emperor Dowager Cixi used to reside and conduct their government business. The building has several displays, courtyards, halls and so. The path beside the lake leads to ‘the Long Corridor’, it leads to shady tree with roofed breezeway. The magnificent painted ceilings add charm to the palace. The Bridges, boats, lotus, flowers, willows make the view more pleasant and stunning.

The Longevity Hills beside the lake is dotted with superb halls, temples and magnificently decorated gates. Energetic travellers can climb the hills to the Buddhist temple and can get an overlooking view of the entire area.

Interior - Beijing Summer Palace

Beijing Summer Palace A Best Preserved Imperial Structure

The Marble boat across the bridges in an area of tranquil gardens. The Suzhou Market Street recreates traditional riverside shop which can be reached by only by boats. While, the Garden of Harmony and Virtue is an entertainment complex, which was built as an entertainment medium a theatre for Emperor Dowager.  The construction lasted for five years, during his reign. The 3-storey building is best preserved and biggest structure. It also has the biggest wooden stage in China with unique and scientific artistic values.

The Palace holds a number of precious articles which were used by Emperors and empresses. A Vintage Benz was first imported car in China as a gift to Emperor Dowager.

Palace Bridges - Beijing Summer Palace

Beijing Summer Palace A Best Preserved Imperial Structure

Tips on Visiting Summer Palace

  • Summer is the best time to drop a visit to the Summer Palace of Beijing.
  • Tickets can only be collected at the entrance gate. Opera recital area, Longevity hills has different entrance payments.
  • Boating on Kuming Lake should be must on your list!