When: 1-3 May, 2015

Where: United States, Memphis

If you are in search of exciting musical festivals, then here’s a festival you need to visit! The three days Beale Street Music Festival is long, multi-festival running for a long time from now. The festival is carried for nearly 40-years, which is organised on grand scale. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm, it includes various events like Barbecue cooking competition, sunset symphony and many other world championships. The rich musical heritage involved in the festival cannot ignored. The tradition of the Beale Street Music festival was developed by Louis Armstrong, B.B King, Rufus Thomas and Memphis Minnie. The tradition grew on street of Beale which was then dubbed as ‘Memphis Blue’ or ‘Memphis Music Festival‘.

Beale Street Music Festival

Beale Street Music Festival: Rain & Shine With Musical Festival

What for Masses?

You will not only find blue music at the event, the event also features hard rock, metal, folk, country, soft rock and bluegrass type of music. Carrying the tradition for 40-years and drawing more than 100,000 visitors in the event has built a good reputation over the years. The festival today hold strong and a large number of fans-following. With price of $100 for three day pass is very much sensible. The Beale Street Festival 2015 might sound like pricey event, but honestly, you don’t have to sacrifice huge amount of price to attend this big event.

Wide range of artist too swim to land for this festival, in the year 2014 Snoop Dogg, Patti Labelle, Alabama Shakes also performed at the event. The artist that will be performing in the year 2015 is yet to be revealed by the officials. Recently, the Beale Street Music Festival was listed as top 20 Musical Festivals of the year.

Beale Street Music Festival

Beale Street Music Festival: Rain & Shine With Musical Festival

Get Prepared:

If you are in search for a break, visiting the Beale Street Festival must be on your list. The festival will give you a break from all your daily boring schedules and laid-back atmosphere. Well, if you are visiting for the first time, then veteran will warn you to ‘Get Prepared’!

The level of enjoyment gets on rising high and high, you are instructed to wear rain boots. As rain begins, the mud must not be taken as joke! People go crazy getting dirty in thick mud, rain and off-course music.

Past few year’s official cancelled rain due to some reasons, while website still displayed and promised to offer rain and shine. There are various accommodation options around the venue of the festival, while visitor might have to rush early to get the tickets.