Where: Indonesia, Bali: Ubud

With the word ‘Festival’, the first words that strikes your mind is fun, music, rituals and tasty finger licking food. The period where you can make yourself lose to enjoy till your extend. But this ‘Bali Spirit Festival’ is unique of all. Unlike other festival which motivates you to burn your energy and add more calories through junk food, this Bali Spirit Festival helps you to recover from madness and gain new spirit to live long!

Bali Spirit Festival is exceptional fest with new phenomenon, where you build up your health rather than burn-out. Many people from around the world participate as presenter of wellness and health. The Bali Spirit Festival will present your great experience of six senses. At end, the festival will make you feel emotionally and physically strong.

Bali Spirit Festival

Bali Spirit Festival A Festival To Energize Yourself

What is Bali Spirit Festival?

The Bali Spirit Festival is more like a Yoga Festival, established by the youth. Visiting this festival, one might find dozen of Yoga teachers come from across countries to attend this unique fest. Yoga is just an opening part, then the festival is proceeded with variety of classes through day and evening.

History of this Festival

Meghan Pappenheim, is one who created the Yoga Barn and a Manhattan transplant known for Ubud also for running different restaurants. The festival was created in year 2008, with a prime idea of connecting people with vibrant concept of life supporting Balinese bliss. The Festival also offers art classes, travel tour to spiritual sites, health and nutrition workshop. The festival also stars music touch with Balinese puppet show. If you are wondering something with electronica touch, then you might be landing in wrong way, all you will find is soft edge that will enhance your energy.

If you are still doubting what this festival will offer? Eat, Pray, Love Bali Spirit might be best to get an idea of! Bali Spirit is popular as ‘girl’s getaway’. Also Bali has several exotic places to explore. Often you meet few Balinese and they invite you over for tea or wine. Bali is not just offers you a great festival with beautiful people around to travel but also to create a memorable memory. The best time to visit is March, it’s not too crowded.

Bali Spirit Festival

Bali Spirit Festival A Festival To Energize Yourself

The day is filled with Dharma Fair, while night offers variety of vendors who teach how to live healthier life. If you have a deep thirst or in need of knowledge related to Reiki, Chakra balance, Cranial Sacral treatment then this is right place to go for! Also you can find tarot card readers, astrologist and so.

Mission and aim of Bali Spirit Festival

Meghan Pappenheim established this festival with a vision based upon Balinese-Hindu concept of ‘Tri Hita Karana’. An accord with God, nature and community. The festival also support for AIDS awareness, HIV, environmental conversation and many more. The Bali Spirit Festival is more like a poster child, from today’s young generation. Undoubtedly, the festival will make you spiritually and socially strong at end.