Athens, the famous city in Greece. Who don’t know Greece, well, many of us are aware of Greek God and their part of history. Athens is the capital of Greece. It is also one of the largest city in Greece. It is one of the oldest city in the world, and dominates the whole Attica region. Today, Athens is not only home for its 3,074,160 of population but also for is structures which are ranked under UNESCO World Heritage site.

Athens has become centre for arts, philosophy and literature. In Past and also in present it was, powerful city that arose in conjunction of port.  Athens was very first place where birth of democracy was born. During 4th and 5th century of BC, democracy the word was about to form, due to its political achievement and culture.

Athens: A Birth Place Of Democracy

Athens: A Birth Place Of Democracy

Today Athens, is earning good name on Global level. It is ranked as 39th richest city around the world, due to its purchasing powers. This is truly creditable achievement by city Athens, Greece. On today’s date Athens is not only centre to finance, economics, industries, but also for culture life in Greece. It has become 77th expensive city as per the survey conducted in year 2012.

Architectural Note:

Athens city has a different architectural style, from Greco-to-Roman and then to Neoclassical style to modern one. If you think it has uniformity, then a big ‘no’, it is surely not marked as a city of uniformity.

The Hellenic Parliament was first ever public space to be built around 1936 and 1843. Then in late century other structures like Zappeion Hall and Athens Academy was built. The year 1920, was marked the beginning of Modern architecture, after this there was influence of Greek architects. An extensive development in architectural field was noted in between 1950 and 1960, variety of material like Glass, marble were introduced in building structures.

A piece of History:

Athens, is known as one of the oldest place of human inhabitant. The ‘Cave of Schist’, is known for its oldest human presence. This cave of Schist is dated around 7th and 11th millennium BC or so. The Athens city is continuously populated from 7000 years long. Like many other city, Athens in Bronze Age went from economic decline.

Theseus statue

Athens: A Birth Place Of Democracy – Theseus Statue

According to some people, Theseus was responsible for unification of Athens with Attica. The myths say’s that Theseus made synoilismos which means together dwelling. Hence the statue of ‘Theseus’ stands as a sign. Athens was also mentioned in Peloponnesian war, during 431-404 BC. During this time, Athens were defeated by Spartans.

The Greek kingdom was established in year 1834, after Greek war of Independence. Then Athens city was elected as capital of Greece. By its first King of Greece, Otto.