Antarctica is one of the coldest land on Earth. It is southernmost continent, geographically containing South Pole. It is fifth largest continent around the world after Asia, Africa, South America and North America. There is a lot spoken about ‘Antarctica’, it is known for coldest, windiest and driest continent. The land is also known for higher elevation from another continent. Also, Antarctica Weather makes the land different from other continents across the globe. Here are Top Antarctica Facts that will tempt you to know more and explore more about the place!

Antarctica Facts

Antarctica Facts And Its Interesting Hidden Realities

Antarctica Facts:

  • Antarctica is the largest Desert around the world.
  • The only Continent without single Reptile
  • Some region or part of Antarctica has not received rain or snowfall for around 2-million years.
  • Blood Fall, a popular blood color waterfall that flows whole years appear red as blood.
  • It holds around 90% of the world’s fresh water.
  • You must be dwelling with misconception about Polar Bear living in Antarctica. The fact is there are no Polar bears in Antarctica. Polar Bears are only found in Arctic.
  • If you are planning to make an Antarctica tour for research or so, remember to carry sufficient cash. As Antarctica has only one ATM.
  • Over years, ice melting in Antarctica continent has made a small swing in Gravity in the region.
  • It is being said, no person can work in Antarctica until unless you remove Appendix or Wisdom teeth.
  • There is a civilized town of Chile in Antarctica, which has a complete set-up of Hospitals, Hostel, School, Post-office, Internet, Television and Mobile Coverage Area.
Antarctica Facts

Antarctica Facts And Its Interesting Hidden Realities

  • This fact might surprise you, Antarctica is the only place which does not have a time zone. The only continent where you cannot waste time. Huh!
  • There are around 300-lakes beneath Antarctica, which are kept from freezing beneath the Earth’s core. Now this is something amazing to note.
  • From the year 1994, Husky Dogs have been banned from entering Antarctica.
  • It has only Active Volcano, which spews Crystals and is situated close to the US Research Center.
  • Ant might be a very common insect found everywhere around the world. But Antarctica is an exception of all, you will not find a single ant on this land.
  • Complete Antarctica is covered with ice, less than 1% is Ice-free land.

Most of tourist visit Antarctica, prefer to land and visit the Antarctic Peninsula, which is very much accessible from Chile. The climate also is quite mild, as compared to the rest of continent.

Why Visit to the Antarctic Peninsula?

The Antarctic Peninsula is mainland, of the whole continent. Many ships pass the line, so that visitors can get a glance. The place holds mesmerizing, beautiful landscape, where you can make your dream true of visiting Antarctica. The whole Antarctic Peninsula is picturesque wonderland.

Antarctica Facts

Antarctica Facts And Its Interesting Hidden Realities

Here are few other places to visit in Antarctica:

Hope Bay:

This place will offer excellent opportunities of watching fantastic shapes and myriad blue with many extraordinary icebergs. It also has remnants of stone expedition hut from the Swedish Antarctic Expedition.

Port Lockroy & Neumayer Channel:

A beautiful Harbour on Goudier Island, Port Lockroy located in Palmer Archipelago. It can be reached by passing through grandiose cliffs of Neumayer Channel.

Paradise Harbor:

This place is also known as ‘Paradise Bay’. If you are with idea to get experience of Antarctica Cruise, then Zodiac-cruising must be on your list. Paradise Harbor is most visited place, where you can go on small ferry around the land for exploration.