Travelling is about the journey rather than a destination. Passengers, flight ambience, gate attendants come into mind. For some people air journey is hectic with jet lag and motion fever, while some enjoy to a great extent. Let’s get to the straight point rather than wandering on other few points. Here is a list of Airport Hacks To Make Your Flight Journey Better!

  • Roll laptop’s time to get more time on Wi-Fi

When you are offered lemon, try to create lemonade! When you login to get an hour of Wi-Fi on the airport, you can trick the system and earn more hours. Rolling back system clock might offer you a time bonus. Statutory Warning tweaking the time might offer you time bonus, but getting caught will offer you heavy penalty!

  • Pay less to book a flight

Yes, there are several online options which offers different rates with their percent of commissions. Or you can also book a cheap connecting flight if Non-Stop is not available or so. If all flight tickets are not sold out then you can approach gate agent and possibly try to reschedule any direct or connecting flight.


Airport Hacks To Make Your Flight Journey Better

  • Avoid over-weight luggage which can avoid over-weight fees

Visit nearest gift shop in airport and as for big shopping bag. Then stuff all items in that bag, and strut on board, it will look like you have just purchased those stuffs, and airlines won’t charge you any extra penny. If you want to ditch to those extra fees, you need to switch to such tricks!

  • Avoid High Cost Airport Food

You can try to add dry snacks to your luggage, but wet food is restricted to bring on flights. Snacks like nuts, candy can be loaded to prevent hunger headache or overspending.

  • Take rest in Peaceful Chapel

If you are looking for a quiet place, then hunt down to nearest chapel and take short rest. But do check, to keep track of flight timing!

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