Mountain, lake, climate are best element the nature can gift human. Have ever imagined yourself climbing High Mountain and trying to be on top of world. How delighted we feel, for a moment we consider touching sky. Oh my God! How wonderful, it is to reach on top of the mountain and to heave a sigh of relief with all worries. Reaching on top of Mount Roraima is same. Mount Roraima seem to be new place, well, surely not a new.

If you have not heard of Mount Roraima, then you have landed on best blog site to know about Mount Roraima. It is highest table mountain 2,800 meter high. This is only Table Mountain in world which is located on triple border. Mount Roraima located on limit of Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. Visitor can get to the top to have wonderful view only through border of Venezuela.

Mount Roraima top

Aiming High on Mount Roraima

  • A Dig on History:

The Mount Roraima is known to be one of the oldest geological formation on Planet Earth. The carbon dating performed depicts the place is two billion years old or so. This is one of the extraordinary formation of nature. It is nearly impossible to get to the highest point of Mount Roraima. The 2,800 meter tall tepuy, which inspired hundreds of people to touch their dreams. Sir Authur Conan Doyel, wrote a classic novel ‘The Lost World’ in year 1912 by getting inspired on this nature’s gift.

The first ever person noted in the book of history to climb this high was ‘Sir Everard im Thurn’, he created this record in year 1884. Mount Roraima is filled with unique Flora and fauna.

  • Flora and Fauna:

One will find unique species of plants on this piece of land. Rapatea which is believed to be rarest plant on earth is found here. Also other plants like Campanula and pitcher too are found here. There is lush greenery on this table top, due to raining. It rains regularly almost each day of year. The land is full of lush greenery and green algae. Due to heavy rainfall, many edges over Mount Roraima forms few highest waterfall. The waterfall adds more beauty to the Mount Roraima.

Aiming High on Mount Roraima

Aiming High on Mount Roraima

  • Backpackers:

After getting inspiration from ‘Sir Everard im Thurn’, today many people follow their footstep to reach highest point of Mount Roraima. At present day, it has become a destination for several Backpackers. Majority of people approach to start their hiker’s journey from Venezuela side. Today, the path to reach at top is popularly marked to make voyage easier. The top view is marvellous constant covered by clouds and unique uncanny rock formation.

Paraitepui is only non-technical route to get to the top. People from Brazil and Guyana side climb the mountain on few occasion. Since the mountain has huge and extreme cliffs and deep inclination which is very difficult to pass even by an expert hiker. Many people aim to reach Maverick Rock which is highest point of Mount Roraima.