The Tayrona National Park is protected area under the IUCN category, located in the Colombian northern Caribbean region. The Park lies under jurisdiction of Department of Magdalena, the park has biodiversity with a variety of climates, and geographical region. The park is spread on 30km2 of Marine region and around of land. The National Park was titled as one of the most popular park in Colombia in the year 2012. The park recorded around 293,502 visitors. It is surrounded by beautiful scenic beaches to surf, all you need is a guide who will guide you properly.


The Park was created in the year 1864, which is 34Km from the city of Santa Marta. It not just has immense natural significance, but also a cultural treasure. The tale behind the history of the park started with group of gatherers and hunters inhabited the park in 4th and 7th century, the area was inhabited by Tayrona Tribes. The culture of the tribes is still followed by direct descendants, and other indigenous groups.

Tayrona National Park Colombia

A Voyage To Natural Park Tayrona National Park Colombia

The Area was declared as Tayrona National Park by the 191st law of Columbia for Agrarian Reform, in order to protect and preserve the ecological environment.

Flora & Fauna

The National Park is also popular for its flora fauna which includes different ecosystem between sea and mountain. Enchanting wildlife includes red woodpecker, iguanas, jaguar, titi monkeys, different variety of lizards, 400 species of birds, eagles, tropical marine life and many more. Also the vegetation is characterized by ecological influence.

The temperature keeps on varies between 30-degree Celsius to 25-degree Celsius. Heavy rainfall is experienced between May to June and September to November.

Places to Visit

  • Canaveral

The Canaveral is only the place which can be reached by car. It is nearby Aviatur with beautiful view of the Sea.


Tayrona National Park Colombia

A Voyage To Natural Park Tayrona National Park Colombia


  • La Piscina

The La Piscina is the only place to hang out and swim in the Tayrona National Park. It also has beautiful accommodation where visitors can spend a day or stay.

  • El Cabo

El Cabo, a spot at Tayrona National Park has restaurants, campground and spectacular beaches which are separated by rocky outcrops. There are wooden bungalows, tents, with shower and toilet facilities.

Meals, lunch, dinner and breakfast are also served at the restaurants at quite affordable rates.

Archaeology at the site

Evidence of ancient human settlement is found at this place. Today the place is greatly developed by eco-tourism and attracts several visitors from around the world. Other places which attract the visitor to drop a visit are Castilletes Beach, the Pool, Los Naranjos Path and the San Juan Out.