The Louvre, A dream place to visit of all artists. The Louvre holds numerous masterpieces of Western Civilization. The world popular ‘Mona Lisa Painting’ by Leonardo DaVinci grabs worldwide audience. Also other large number of museum paintings owned by different King, who lived in the Louvre, long back-a-ago when they resided in royal residence. While, few other art-piece are acquired by France treaties and the Venetian Republic, which was further improved by spoils of Napoleon I.

The Louvre Museum holds around 30,000 artworks spread on 60,000 square metre of space. The Art Museum is divided into three galleries the Denon, Sully wings and Richelieu. Exploring 70-rooms full of art piece will charm you to the fullest. Apart from painting, sculptures and object of art is impossible to see in a single day. Visiting the Louvre for one week will help you to focus on essential artwork.

The Glass Pyramid

Glass Pyramid -  The Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum A Visitor Guide

The grand entrance of Glass Pyramid in central courtyard marks the iconic entrance. It is designed by architect Leoh Ming Pei, which was opened in the year 1989. The structure is a 22-meter high pyramid with around 657 an odd figure of panes of glass. The Glass Pyramid gives access to Core Napoleon, where a visitor might find information desk and ticket office. The Pyramid is designed in such a style, that the structure is literally brightening. The visitor can also check other route to avoid crowding, but the Glass Pyramid must not be missed.

The Foundation of the Palace

Foundation Palace - The Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum A Visitor Guide

The original foundation of the Louvre can be discovered in the Medieval Louvre section. To reach this point, you must enter the Louvre through Pyramid and then opt for escalator descending down toward the Sully wing. The Foundation section will reveal all ancient foundation of medieval fortress. One can also see remnants of medieval moat & prisons.

Royal Palace Fit       

The Louvre’s collection is housed in a building which is a medieval fortress build under the empire of King Philippe Auguste in the year 1190. The building then went through enhancement under Charles VI, Charles V, and Henri II. The building was then changed into a regal royal palace by Louis XIII & Louis XIV. The detail work and royal look of the palace, the grand hall is undoubtedly fit for a king.

France Louvre Museum Kings Palace - A Visitor Guide For The Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum A Visitor Guide

The Salle Des Caryatides a reception hall created for the king Henri II. Also the Chambre De Parade Du Ro, which is placed in Room 25 is a bedroom where Henri III and Charles IX greeted court each morning. While, the Salle Des Sept Cheminees is another royal apartment of Louis XIV.

After Louvre kingdom, the royal palace was used by Napoleon III. Grand Salon, Dining Room of Napoleon are known as visitor attractions. Galerie D’Apollon is another must see room in the entire art museum. Its royal reception hall, adorn by ceiling painting is a charm. It was designed by Charles Le Brun, paying a homage to Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King. The central panel was not completed was then painted in the year 1851 by Delacroix.