Troy is one of the most popular archaeological sites in the world with its 4000 years of history. The famous archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann was the first archaeologist credited with the excavations at the site, in the year 1870. Troy is directly connected with the most significant literary works of Homer, the Iliad and Virgil who wrote The Aeneid.

Troy is a unique example of the oriental city at the junction between Anatolia. The Aegean and the Balkans. Troy is perhaps the most popular archaeological site in the world, there are palaces, administrative buildings.

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A Visit To Ancient City Troy Turkey

Troy, situated around 30 Km. away from the Present Dardanelles. Troy was founded in 3000 B.C. the city was demolished and reconstructed nine times in the subsequent era till almost 500 B.C. The records show that the place was inhabited for 3500 years. Human inhabitation in this site of Troy started in early Bronze Age, as the first defensive wall was constructed around 3000 BC.

Troy also termed as Ilium, is the most famous city of Greek legend. The founder of this city was the legendary King Ilus, who was the son of Tros, and so the name of the city was Troy. Troy 1 was destroyed in the year 2500 B.C.  Troy 2 built in its place was destroyed due to fire in 2300 B.C .The Troy which was noteworthy was the Troy VI, founded between 1800 to 1275 B.C. This site has city walls in good condition even today. However, it is the Troy VII, which has gained fame due to the famous war.


A Visit To Ancient City Troy Turkey

Troy VII is the stratum divided further into Strata VIIa and VIIb, this is famous for the Trojan War. Trojan War was the first war between the east and the west, which took place in Troy VII b in the year 1200 B.C.

The real cause of the conflict which led to the great Trojan War was the rivalry between Troy and the Mycenaean Kingdom. Troy had become the largest town during the Aegean reign and flourished with an important spot in the trading role. The lucrative trade through the Black sea sparked the commercial rivalry between the Troy and the mercantile Mycenaean Kingdom.

The son of Ilius and the successor to the throne was Laomedon . The great Trojan War was fought during the reign of Laomedon’s son Priam. The Trojan War was fought brilliantly and many warriors from various places of Anatolia came to help Troy, but due to the trick of the “Wooden Horse” the city was defeated, burnt and destroyed.

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A Visit To Ancient City Troy Turkey

The Trojans, who could save themselves from the massacre built the city again and again. Troy IX became Troy of Roman period. Schliemann began conducting the excavations in the year 1870 and these excavations were continued by various archaeologists till 1935, these excavations revealed many more aspects.

Excavations for more than 100 years have revealed 23 sections of the defensive walls round the fort almost 11 gates and paved stone ramp with the lower portions of five defensive bastions. The earliest wall in Troy 1 also survives near the south gate. The Roman and Greek cities of Troy are above all represented by the sanctuary complex.

Troy was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage in the year 1998.