India’s state of Maharashtra is known for its natural beauty & splendid diversity in its ecosystem. The unique ‘Plateau of Deccan’ & Sahyadri mountain range that runs parallel to the western coast of the state has given rise to the astounding ecology & unique geology which are seldom found in the other parts of the world.

The raw & rugged beauty of Maharashtra gets multiplied during the Monsoon season as the Basalt made & hardy looking Sahyadri Mountains get draped up in green garbs of foliage & frolicking waterfalls start gushing down the mountains. The charming waterfalls blow life in the serene landscapes of Sahyadri’s.

The pristine flora & fauna studded with milky white streams bring the much needed peace & tranquility to get rid of day-to-day chores. These waterfalls thus make a perfect destination for holidays especially in the enchanted days of the charismatic monsoon season!

Let’s take a look at 7 most beautiful waterfalls in the land that was once ruled by the mighty Empire of the Great Marathas!

  • Amboli Falls, District: Sindhudurga
Amboli waterfall

7 Best Waterfalls In Maharashtra That You Should Not Miss In This Monsoon!


Region- Southern Konkan

Height- 400 Feet

Nearest City- Sawantwadi

Nearest Railway Station- Sawantwadi Railway Station 28 km

Nearest Airport- Belgaum 68 km

Best Season to Visit – July to November.

Situated in the heart of India’s one of the most picturesque district- Sindhudurg, which is also recognized as India’s first & only district dedicated for Tourism, ‘Amboli falls’ is among the premium tourists hot-spot in Maharashtra, especially in the romantic season of monsoon!

As this part of the world is known for receiving heavier rainfalls every year, literally hundreds of tiny, as well as huge waterfalls & streams, conceive here doubling the joy of the season.

Amboli waterfall is located at 1 km drive distance from the famous Amboli hill station. Hugely popular among the youths, Amboli waterfall is visited every year in the monsoon by numerous visitors & tourists. Apart from the humongous waterfall, the breathtaking, immaculate foliage & the sky-piercing, fog-draped mountains of Western Ghats appeals the hearts & souls of the visitors.

  • Lingmala Falls, District: Satara
Lingmala Falls

7 Best Waterfalls In Maharashtra


Region- Mahabaleshwar.

Height- 620 Feet

Nearest City- Mahabaleshwar

Nearest Railway Station- Satara 42 km

Nearest Airport- Pune 120 km

Best Season to Visit- June to December

‘Lingmala Falls’ is located in enchanted valleys of ‘Mahabaleshwar’ hill station. Considered among the ‘must visit’ place in Mahabaleshwar, ‘Lingmala Falls’ offers heavenly atmosphere & an exorbitant visual treat in every visit.

The waterfall is a photographer’s delight & tourist’s joy! The sight of ‘Venna valley’ from the top hypnotizes the viewers especially in the Monsoon. This wondrous piece of nature’s virgin beauty attracts thousands of tourists in every season & the gorgeous ‘Lingmala falls’ pleases every individual by its hefty yet adorable appearance!

  • Thoseghar, District- Satara

7 Best Waterfalls In Maharashtra


Region- Satara.

Height- 1150 Feet

Nearest City- Satara

Nearest Railway Station- Satara 20 km

Nearest Airport- Pune 120 km

Best Season to Visit- June to December

‘Thoseghar’ waterfall is probably the tallest waterfall in Maharashtra. The fall is situated near Satara city. The waterfall can be best viewed from ‘Chalkewadi’ village from where you can descend carefully to the valley to enjoy the spine-chilling splashes of the roaring cascade that falls from the staggering height of 1150 ft! The serene, lush green surroundings, adventurous trails & sky tapering mountains of Sahyadri range induce the magnetism on the trekkers & hikers who flock this place in every year’s wet season to witness the nature’s incredibly beautiful creation!

The waterfall can be approached easily as it is located on the Pune-Bangalore highway, just 20 km away from the Satara city.

  • Kune Falls, District- Pune
Kune Falls

7 Best Waterfalls In Maharashtra


Region- Lonavala-Khandala.

Height- 659 Feet

Nearest City- Lonavala

Nearest Railway Station- Lonavala 13 km

Nearest Airport- Pune 80 km

Best Season to Visit- July to November

Situated right in the heart of tourist hotspot of Maharashtra- valley of Lonavala-Khandala, ‘Kune Falls’ stands 14th in the list of highest waterfalls in India! This three-tiered waterfall is surrounded by splendid, dense foliage & it shows up as you come out of the last tunnel before ‘Lonavala’ city while heading towards Pune from Mumbai.

The waterfall is easily accessible from Mumbai-Pune Expressway. One has to follow the Lonavala bypass road to catch up old Mumbai-Pune highway. Drive along the way for another 10 minutes to seek the landmark- the Kune missionary church. Kune falls resides just small distance farther from this spectacular church.

This gorgeous falls is visited by myriad herds of tourists as it is nestled right in between the golden corridor of Mumbai-Pune, that too, in the valley of Khandala, which itself becomes the paradise for tourists during the rainy season. Visiting Kune falls has to be on your ‘To-Do List’ with higher priority if you plan to visit this part of India in the romantic weather of Monsoon!

  • Vajrai Falls, District- Satara
Vajrai Falls

7 Best Waterfalls In Maharashtra


Region- Kas flower valley.

Height- 853 Feet

Nearest City- Satara

Nearest Railway Station- Satara 30 km

Nearest Airport- Pune 80 km

Best Season to Visit- Any time.

Vajrai waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in India situated at the height of 1840 feet out of which 853 feet height is the actual height of the core stream of the fall. The waterfall has got the most picturesque surroundings in the form of thick vegetation & iconic ‘Kas Plateau’ which is recognized as India’s ‘Valley of flowers.’ The myriad flowers of various species that bloom here during the months from September to February paint the entire valley with attractive, vibrant colors. This site is also accredited as ‘World Natural Heritage Site.’

The waterfall is located in ‘Bhambavalivillage near the Sahyadri hill region. The site is often flocked by tourists round the year, as apart from the huge cascade, other attractions like boating & ancient caves present in the vicinity entices the tourists.

  • Dabhosa Falls, District- Thane
Dabhosa Falls

7 Best Waterfalls In Maharashtra


Region- Jawhar.

Height- 300 Feet

Nearest City- Jawhar 18 km

Nearest Railway Station- Nashik 80 km

Nearest Airport- Daman 110 km

Best Season to Visit- Anytime.

Dabhosa waterfall is one of the major attractions for adventure lovers. This 300 foot tall cascade is situated in ‘Dabhosa’ village on the ‘Jawhar-Silvassa’ road. The presence of campsites for night halts is the key reason why this waterfall came into limelight. Visitors love to stay in the camps present in the vicinity & to enjoy the spectacular view of the sunset along with the background score of cascading roar of the falls.

Apart from the falls, this place is renowned as an abode for doing adventurous activities like Kayaking, rappelling, night trekking, valley crossing & fun activities like fishing & boating. The evergreen dense flora & fauna that surrounds this place acts as a catalyst in refreshing the minds & souls of the visitors. Dabhosa is undoubtedly one of the finest tourist hot-spot & a sheer paradise for adventure seekers in India!

  • Dhobi Falls, District- Satara
Dhobi Falls

7 Best Waterfalls In Maharashtra


Region- Mahabaleshwar.

Height- 450 Feet

Nearest City- Mahabaleshwar 3km

Nearest Railway Station- Satara 42 km

Nearest Airport- Pune 120 km

Best Season to Visit- July to December.

Situated amidst the pristine jungle of Mahabaleshwar hills, ‘Dhobi falls’ makes a perfect holiday destination in the season of monsoon. This 450 foot tall cascade is nestled on the junction that connects ‘Petit’ road to the old Mahabaleshwar road. The waterfall jumps down into the river ‘Koyna’ & can be viewed best from the south of ‘Elphinstone point’ which is mere 3 km away from the Mahabaleshwar city.

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