Camping in the wilderness has been known as one of the best retreats since long back. Living the tough life amidst the rugged terrain in the absence of most of the modern day’s amenities is very much popular among the people of all age groups. Some of them seek for the camping to get some time-out from the routine, while others try to test their grit to survive against most formidable conditions in wildlife.

Whatever be the purpose, camping is certainly the great activity to get acquainted with the Mother Nature & also to relive the good ol’ days of high school camping! Here we listed out the 10 Best Camping Tips that will certainly help you if you are planning for the adventure camping, especially for the upcoming beautiful autumn season. Have a look at it!

  • Assess the campsite carefully before pitching the tent:-

Choosing the proper camp site will win half of the battle! Flat & relatively higher & roomy places are recommended. The flat surface will ensure relatively comfortable sleep & the higher position will keep your site nice breezy & at the same time may give you a good glimpse of the surroundings.

  • Make your shelter spacious:-

Having spacious shelter for camping is a true luxury that will help you to revitalize yourself after the day-long activities around the campsite. While choosing the tent, look for the tent that offers plenty of headroom as well as legroom. Tents with the provision for the ventilation, such as zipped windows, can help to reduce the moisture inside the tent, especially on hot days & nights. Try to make your shelter homely as possible. Take a trial of your tent at home before heading to the campsite to detect the flaws earlier. Always remember, pitching the camp before dark is a ‘thumb-rule’ for every camping.

Best Camping Tips

10 Best Camping Tips

  • Dress for the Season:-

Dressing appropriately for the season is as important as pitching the campsite! Ideally, donning loose pair of clean clothing is ideal; however, you have to be ready with other options as well to keep yourself well protected against the outside weather. The same applies to your footwear. Closed-toe shoes with some sort of moisture-absorbing lining must be the first pick. Carrying a waterproof poncho is not something unheard of as it can save you from the rain & cool breezes. In any weather, try to avoid wearing damp clothes at any cost as it may cause many health related issues such as skin irritation & infections.

  • Take good care of your meal:-

Food & water are the most important elements required for the survival! Arranging healthy yet tasty meals requires a little preparation beforehand. Go for ‘easy to make’ recipes that require minimum equipments & non-perishable ingredients. Carrying canned food is also a good option, but be aware of its nutritional value. The mantra to enjoy your outdoor stay is ‘eating healthy’. Be prepared with the energy-boosting snacks if you are on hiking trips & always eat a good meal before starting your day as it will keep you energetic throughout the day. Eating earlier at night is also advisable in order to avoid the nuisance of flies & insects which become more prevalent after the sunset.

  • Come prepared with the ‘Survival Kit’:-

‘Survival’ is the most important thing of every camping. As things can change in a jiffy when you are open to the wilderness, carrying the survival kit packed with the bare minimum necessities is a ‘must-have’ thing to be a successful camper. Multipurpose tools such as a Swiss-knife, water-purifying tablets, first-aid box, water filter, LED torches with extra batteries, matches, candles etc. are a few of the things that must be part of every survival kit. It’s always better to ‘Be Prepared’ than to ‘Be Sorry’!

  • Maintain good hygiene:-

Maintaining a good hygiene & cleanliness is a way to go! Carrying bottles of hand Sanitizers, wet wipes & soap papers is always recommended as you will need these things very frequently. Take special care of your feet as they tend to become grimy while camping & try to soak them in a stream for a few minutes, if it is available in the vicinity. Also try to keep your campsite as clean as possible & dispose of the leftover food & used water away from your campsite as these things tend to attract wild beasts as well as obnoxious insects & flies.

  • Bring a quick-fire starters:-

Taking along good fire-starters, such as dryer lint, is as a sign of a good camper. The campfire will not only invoke an artist in you, but will also help to ward off the wild animals & insects. On colder nights, nothing is better than the campfire to stay warm.

  • Pack warmer sleeping bags:

Sleeping bags can make or break your camping fun. To make your sleep more luxurious, try to insert some sort of padding or cushion underneath your sleeping bag as it will keep the hard ground at bay & will also keep your bed well insulated from the ground moisture. Tarps may come very handy in this case. A sleeping bag, woven with the synthetic fibers is preferable as it dries quicker, packs light & also does not stink. Teaming up your sleeping bags with the travel pillows will definitely make you feel home!

Best Camping Tips

10 Best Camping Tips

  • Stay Calm & Be Prepared:-

The best way to enjoy the camping is to stay calm & be prepared to face any situation! While camping, you might come across myriad things which may freak you out. To tackle the most adverse conditions, you need to take decisions while holding your nerves. You are there to enjoy the fun of staying in the camp, so enjoy it, don’t let the panicky to prevail, stay cool, co-operate your fellas & be a good camper!

  • Leave No Trace:-

Yess! When you leave the campsite, keep this tip in mind. Respect the nature & preserve it for the future generations. Pick up everything that may disturb the ecosystem & try to keep the campsite as it was before your arrival. Respect the wildlife & the artifacts of the nature. Bury solid human waste as well as disposable waste 6-8 inches below the ground & do not leave any non-disposable objects, such as plastic, on the campsite. Good campers never leave the evidence of their visit.

Wish you all Happy Camping!